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Conviction Hr have a view that an annual income is no longer about a basic salary and a bonus.People want a choice in how to receive their income…often


Developing Your Career With Conviction !

We help you in sourcing the best Human Capital in the industry by conducting a vigorous research on your niche line of business and exploring your branding and USP. Understanding the Mission and Work Culture of your Company helps us to recognize the uniqueness of a position and devise a corresponding strategy. This preparation always gives us an edge and increases our success ratio in finding the right profile for your organization with the fewest resumes

Recruitment is challenging, rewarding and most of all fun. Recruitment is a fantastic industry filled with some of the brightest people you will ever meet and have one of the most valuable experiences.

Recruitment requires you to interact with people every day. With the emergence of email, social media and mobile the depth of communication you can have with these people is almost infinite. What is more, as a recruiter you are helping people to discover a brighter future and a more fulfilling livelihood.

Developing Your Career

When hiring, an important part of selecting someone to join us is their ability to demonstrate that they care about their career and that they are looking to develop as a professional.

Once they join we meet our obligation of delivering our promise that we create a working environment where careers can move forward and we invest in their development.

Training and professional development is a key component of The Experience® and falls into 5 main areas…our ‘Profitable Growth’ programme, the ‘Sales Management Blueprint’, coaching plans, our mentor scheme and our ‘Women in Leadership’ programme.

Profitable Growth’ programme A business plan. Designed so our people understand the fundamentals in how to grow a business and how executing a set of goals to deliver strategic objectives moves a business.

Coaching Plans Every quarter everyone undergoes a skills strength and gap analyse from which coaching plans are written.

Mentor Scheme We believe it’s good to have someone to talk to and take advice from on how you’re building your career other than your Manager.

Women in Leadership Talks about leadership, decision making, personal brand, building a career road map, visibility, the work life issue and most of all how to make it happen.

Industry Leading Benefits

We have a view that an annual income is no longer about a basic salary and a bonus.

We believe that people want a choice in how to receive their income…often linked to what best suits their lifestyle and wellbeing.

So by reflecting and considering the modern day challenges that we all face, we created our flexible benefits package…The Benefits Boutique.

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